Fostering Flowers

We’re a small, family run flower farm in the foothills of North Carolina with a passion to grow and give beauty through flowers. 

It started with a dream for Brittney, but got cut short initially with the pregnancy of their second son, Ivy, who was born with numerous mid-line abnormalities including Spina Bifida and chronic lung disease that requires a trach (to name a few). 

Now Brittney and Robbie with their sons, Silas and Ivy, have a newfound perspective and even greater passion to share beauty through flowers with people.

In the hard times, beauty is among the first things we abandon; in the hard times, beauty is among the things we need most.

- Hannah Anderson

Our Product

What We Offer

Our flowers are grown using sustainable growing practices, including no synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Our sons are putting their hands in the same dirt our flowers grow in, so we have a high standard in the foundation of our garden. 

With every purchase, there is a portion of proceeds given to support local foster care organizations and families. We have had a long desire to support those in the foster care community, and now with the birth of our son, Ivy, the special needs community as well. With growth and experience, we hope to hire employees with special needs like our son!

Our Manifesto

What We Believe

We believe in Jesus. Our faith is at our core and in all that envelops us.

We believe in family. Our family is one of our priorities and the reason we are able to do what we do.

We believe in people. While we understand we’re not perfect, we still do our best to be kind and believe the best in others, as well as ourselves.

We believe in inclusion of the foster care and special needs communities. Our son, Ivy, gave us the courage to begin this adventure and we strive to be just as brave.

We believe in local. Because we love people, we desire to invest in the people around us.

We believe in protecting the planet. Not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.

We believe in beauty. Our hope is that we can bring a piece of ours to yours.